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Meet Lygia




My mission in life is to educate and inspire others by teaching all things Spiritual, Alchemical, and Metaphysical, which I have learned through my own life experience and my connection with Spirit. 


To be the Ambassador, to bring people and communities together in love, unity, harmony,
and to help evoke change to promote such. 


To bridge the gap between individual and Spirit and aid others in developing a closeness with Spirit. This closeness with Spirit will allow for their infinite potential to be expressed and abundance to follow them in their lives for as long as they live. 


 To aid those who are having adversity through their difficulties and to help them through their successes. 


I am a Starseed on this Mission. And so it is.

Lygia Ramcharan

My intention is to help as many people as possible remember that they are WAY more than they think they are. 

I am on a movement to empower and inspire the world - one person at a time!

Holistic health

I've been practicing Holistic health for over 16 years in the following disciplines:

  • Master Reiki practitioner and teacher;
  • Intuitive Angel Oracle card reader;
  • Speaker on meditation and various wellness areas;
  • Wellness Advocate for essential oils; and
  • Host of a YouTube channel for Meditations and Intuitive Readings called Take Back Your Power

I am in the process of creating my own collection of intuitive guidance cards. These cards are the beginning of a movement to help empower and inspire the world. 

My goal is to help people in any capacity I can through loving and high-energy practices.


Usui/Holy Fire III® Master Reiki 

Issuing authority: International Center for Reiki Training (instructed by Shannon Smadella)

Issue date: December 2021 

Usui 1&2/Holy Fire III® Reiki

Issuing authority: International Center for Reiki Training (instructed by Shannon Smadella)

Issue date: April 2021

The Way of The Heart

Issuing authority: The Way of The Heart™️

Issue date of the certification or license: July 2019 (no expiration date)

Credential Identifier: Level 2 practitioner

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Levels 1, 2, and 3 (Master Level) 

Issuing authority: Various 

Issue date: 2002, 2004 & 2012 (no expiration date)


My personal values are at the core of my business and everything I do. They are the foundation upon which I do my best work, and I promise to bring these values into our sessions together. 

Compassion  •  Gratitude  •  Imagination  •  Mindfulness  •  Positivity  •  Spirituality  •  Worldly

Nautilus symbolism: 

Internal harmony

Inner beauty










The meaning of the nautilus shell

The nautilus shell has been a source of synchronicity for me over the years. I have them in my home. I see them on trips, in books, videos and in my dreams. They symbolize internal harmony, inner beauty, femininity, growth, expansion, evolution, consciousness, awareness, progress, direction and creativity.

A nautilus shell houses cephalopod mollusks, and as their body grows, their shell expands to allow them space for that growth. Humans, like mollusks, cannot grow without stepping outside their comfort zone – even if only a little bit.

In my business, the nautilus means that I will hold space for your growth and help you in your evolution. Together with the universe's guidance, I'll help you progress towards internal harmony and expanded consciousness. 

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