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"Although I’ve only spent a handful of hours with Lygia, it feels like I’ve known her forever. She has helped me realize some tremendous personal growth. I’d highly recommend her services to anyone at any stage of life. She has a wonderful, calm and peaceful energy." - AP


Your body is filled with energy and sometimes this energy can feel stuck. Reiki is the ancient practice of releasing that energy so that it may flow freely, to promote clarity and spiritual purpose. 

Book a virtual Reiki session with my online booking system or contact me.

Intuitive Readings

You can gain clarity and feel more confident in your decisions with an Intuitive Reading. Through the use of Oracle Cards the Universe and your Spirit Guides will send messages as a way to help you on your path.  

Book a virtual Intuitive reading with my online booking system or contact me.

Combination Reiki and Intuitive Reading

Often my clients like to combine both Reiki and Intuitive Reading. This combination can be a powerful way to gain insight into your current situation and take back YOUR power in order to move forward with confidence. 


Book a combination Reiki Session and Intuitive Reading with my online booking system or contact me.

Essential Oils

Did you know humans can detect and process up to 1 trillion different odours? With scent being such a powerful sense, it is no wonder how important it is in maintaining optimal health and well-being!  

Book a 1-on-1 Essential Oil consultation or sign up for an upcoming group class.


When you practice meditation, the benefits speak for themselves. You can reduce stress, blood pressure and even symptoms of ADHD. 

Sign up for an upcoming group meditation or view one of our pre-recorded meditations on YouTube.

Book an appointment today

Virtual appointments are available for all services. 

Payment policies

The services I offer are a commitment to your self-care, and my payment policies are in place to help you follow through on your promise to yourself. I also strive to help as many people as I can and these policies make that possible.

I require a pre-payment for all services, 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. Payment is accepted via e-transfer ( 

Cancellations will be accepted up until 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment and if payment has been made, I will refund you in full. Cancellations made after your pre-payment has been made are subject to a 50% cancellation fee. 

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