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Intuitive Readings

I use Oracle Cards to communicate with the Universe and my Spirit Guides. They help me gain clarity about my current situation and give me the confidence to move forward. 

Oracle cards are used as a tool to help us make more empowered decisions. They often help us through difficult times by letting us know we're on the right path, or that we need to make a change. They can help us feel more connected to Spirit and more in touch with our intuition. 


Commitment to Self:   $80 


Book a virtual Intuitive reading with my online booking system or contact me.

Each Intuitive Reading lasts approximately 45 minutes.



Check out my Intuitive Reading for the first 6 months of 2024 (January to June 2024):

This is your reading for January to June 2024! And, what a year it is going to be! 


This is a year of transformation to the newer evolutionary consciousness!


We are in transition and sometimes this change can be challenging. Knowing that you have STRENGTH will be first and foremost this year.


We have a different 'feel' to this year, although we will still be tested/challenged. It will begin to look more and more like the collective is "gaining ground" and coming together more compassionately, especially in the middle of the year. This makes me feel that 'something' may happen to generate more deep heart energies, as we continue to deal with the last little bit of our own 'shadow' sides/experiences, karma, and/or emotional conditioning placed by generations before us. We have always adapted, as a collective consciousness, so we can gather our strength together to make it through ANYTHING that is thrown at us!


We are entering a new stage of evolutionary consciousness and as such, we are encouraged to tap into that child we hold within, to see things anew and from a higher, more enlightened perspective. A lot of newness will be seen in the first half of this year!


I wish you a wonderful New Year, with child-like wonder, growing consciousness, and heart-filled blessings.

Here is how my clients feel after an intuitive reading...

"Lygia is a great oracle card reader. She really takes on a personalized approach! When I first did a reading with her, I felt like I knew her long before I ever met her. 


Lygia also doesn't rush through her readings either, so you feel less like a "customer" and more like a person. She makes sure you are comfortable and provides tea, or if you are more like me who loves to write stuff she provides pen and paper.


I'd recommend Lygia for your spiritual needs. While I've personally only done oracle cards with her, I've heard from others she does reiki and does a great job at that."


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