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Payment Terms & Cancellation Policy

The services I offer are a commitment to your self-care, and my payment policies are in place to help you follow through on your promise to yourself. I also strive to help as many people as I can and these policies make that possible.

I require a pre-payment for all services, 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. Payment is accepted via PayPal or e-transfer (

Cancellations will be accepted up until 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment and if payment has been made, I will refund you in full. Cancellations made after your pre-payment has been made are subject to a 50% cancellation fee. 

Privacy Policy

I hold the utmost privacy in the disclosure of your personal information when entered upon the website, on video (for your personal review only), in emails, on subscription material, or when divulged in person. At present, this website offers services that pertain to your personal healing, which requires your verbal or written consent prior to engaging in any therapeutic needs. No products are sold at this time. Your personal information may include your name, preferred email, phone number, and/or address.  Other Third Party involvement may inc​lude an email service provider (presently MailerLite), and is used by this website for the sole purpose of sending Newsletter and other information from this website. If you wish to view MailerLite's Privacy Policy, you may access it here: 

When booking services, this website uses Calendly as its service provider. You may access Calendly's Privacy Policy here: 

Should you feel that this Privacy Policy does not resonate with you, you may unsubscribe at any time by sending "unsubscribe" in the Subject line of your email, or by using the unsubscribe option in the Newsletter.

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